Product Review: Knee Compression Sleeves

I’ve had problems with my knees for years, going all the way back to high school when I “tore” my meniscus.

I’ve tried brace after brace and sleeve after sleeve trying to figure out something to take the pain away so I could run. Nothing helped. So I used to run without anything on my knees and then ice after and wear a brace around for a few days until the soreness went away.

Then a friend told me about these.


I spent some time going back and forth on if I actually wanted to go ahead and spend the money to try something new…again. After looking at the return policy, I decided to take the leap and promised myself to return them if they didn’t work the way I expected and needed them to.

I was like a little kid when my mother-in-law told me the package had come in. I jumped up and down all the way to the living room where the scissors were. I read through every word on the bubble package and couldn’t contain my excitement as I pulled each of them out and the ice packs that came with.

IMG_20140507_201821_400My bunny, Dora, was even excited about the new gear. The second they came out of the box she had to explore them.

My first run with them I experienced a little bit of slipping, but nowhere near as much as I was used to.

On my second run, I pulled them up a little higher and the left one only slipped a little at the beginning.

If you’re like me and hate having to stop and pull up a knee brace or want something you can throw on and forget it’s there, I would highly recommend these sleeves.

The very first time I put them on I could feel the difference when I ran. IMG_20140507_202215_113My knees didn’t wobble when I slowed to a jog and
after I took the sleeves off, my knees didn’t ache like they used to after a run.

If you’re into the whole compression craze, give these a try. At the very least, your knees will feel a little bit better when you’re hitting the trail or pavement.

For more information, visit the 110% Play Harder website.


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