Do you want to run to Venus?

Running around on earthly terrain can get pretty boring sometimes, don’t you think? Well thankfully there are options for those who wish to venture out and into outer space.

Alright….I may have exaggerated there. You can’t, at least right now, run outside of the Earthly domain. But with Moon Joggers, you can at least pretend you are.

On Twitter I came across a running community that does something no one else does – sets unbelievable goals and uses the whole community to fulfill them.

The CEO of Moon Joggers, Angie Webb, summarized the history and current mission: Voyage to Venus.

Voyage to Venus is the second annual mission for Moon Joggers.  In 2013 they attempted to get enough people to run the equivalent of miles to the moon, which is approximately 240,000 miles.  Our goal was to get to the moon in a year, we did it in five months and by the end of 2013 we had run all the way to the moon and back, plus a couple laps around the earth.

In 2014 our goal is to log enough miles, as a group, to get to Venus, which is a 25 million mile journey.  People commit to their own personal goal for the year (average goal is 1,000 miles per person) and as they log their miles on the website they move up the rankings and their miles automatically are added to the group total.  People can commit to 100 miles or 6,000 miles, or anywhere in between.

We have 3,500+ participants from all over the world.  Our goal is HUGE this year and we are looking for 10,000 more people to join our mission and help us get to Venus.  Walking, jogging, running, biking and swimming miles all count towards the goal.  Throughout the year we also host virtual races and donate proceeds to different charities, while participants receive uniquely designed finisher medals.

The Moon Joggers community is uplifting, motivating and accepting of people of all ages, fitness levels, cultures and commitment levels.  In the words of one of our original Moon Joggers,

“We will laugh with you, cry with you, comfort you, bolster you, praise you, give you pointers, answer your questions, celebrate with you, mourn with you.  We don’t HAVE to actually see your face to care. And knowing that we all care will make the paths we share smoother, easier and more fun!!”  
-Carolyn Guhman, New Orleans

Participants can choose to participate for free and set up their log on our website and participate in our Moon Jogger community on Facebook. Paid participants will receive an official Voyage to Venus t-shirt, a beautiful finisher’s medal, a 20% discount on all of our virtual races throughout the year and a few other goodies as well.

Moon Joggers will change your life as you join us as we boldly run where no one has run before!


Because I found this so interesting, I signed up and backlogged the miles I have already run this year. I recommend you check it out, because there is a free option and who wouldn’t want to be part of something so epic?

moon joggers

Use the code runtovenus to save $7 and give them a follow to start your journey to Venus today:  @MoonJoggers



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