Cheese Ravioli

I’ve eaten my fair share of food during my 22 years on this planet, but nothing quite compares to the cheese ravioli we would eat every Christmas Day.

They were nothing special, just frozen ravioli from the store with pasta sauce. But the tradition was formed when my mother bought one bag of cheese and one bag of meat and cooked them all together in the same pot.

That Christmas dinner it wasn’t just sitting around the table and eating. It was a mystery to see if you would get a cheese or meat ravioli. My grandfather enjoyed the meat ones, and I loved the cheese. So instead of just scooping out a spoonful of pasta, we would dig around in the bowl and try to find the ones we thought were meat or cheese. Sometimes we were right, and other times not so much.

Ravioli is one of my favorite pasta foods of all time; and that’s a hard thing to say for an Italian who loves pasta more than any other food. I don’t always eat it the night before a race, but I absolutely love the way it brings back memories each time I eat it.

Do you have a food that conjures up memories of loved ones or good times?



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One Response to Cheese Ravioli

  1. Robert Cuccaro says:

    Smelts, makes me think of my parents and your dad.

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