Running with friends, or future husbands

I have run only two times with someone I knew lining up next to me. The first was way back in college with my roommate Amber. She and I stayed together for the first mile of the 5K and then I told her to go on without me. Clearly getting the stomach flu right before a race was not going to help me reach a PR.

So, I really have never run a race from start to finish with a partner. Until July 27th.

Since I caught the running bug, my fiance’  has run a little beside me on the treadmill when I would go to the gym. But he has no interest in doing a normal 5K. He likes his place at the finish line with the camera cheering me on. (I would too if I had gotten to meet Shalane Flanagan!)

So when the opportunity of a 1-mile couple’s run came to me, I decided to throw it out there to him and see what would happen. He agreed to run it with me, and I registered us that day.

The plan was for me to run the 5K and then the couples run that were part of the Lowell Brides Against Breast Cancer Run.

The 5K went just fine. It was hot, and humid and everything I hate to run in. But for the first time I kept a pace throughout the entire race. Maybe it was the fact I knew the course, or the threat of thunderstorms that motivated me, but I ran 8:48 miles the whole way.

I crossed the finish line in 27:17 – a whole minute and 11 seconds faster than my last 5K.

But it was the mile after the 5K that I was most excited for. Feeling completely exhausted, but excited that I had shaved so much off of my time, I hit the ground running (literally) with my fiance’ for the fun run. And fun it was!

After a brief walk session around the halfway mark, we started again and crossed the finish line holding hands. In the end it was a day to remember. A great PR, a second place in my division and a run with my guy – life as a runner just doesn’t get better than that.


About AlyL

A wandering spirit drawn to running, music, theater, and those that give life to others. Functioning in a life that's next to normal.
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