An Impossible Dream

Have you ever visualized something that seems impossible to achieve? Well, I’ve developed that to an art. I seriously believe that if there were an award to best impossible dreams, I would win.

Just the other day on my way to work I visualized myself, legs pumping, crossing the finish line of a 5K as the first female runner.

Now you might think, that isn’t impossible, especially if it’s a small local race. But let me tell you why I think this dream is impossible – for me at least.

I have such a hard time breathing as a runner. Probably caused by my lack of focus on breathing while I’m running. I’ve always been one to hold my breath. It’s a horrible habit, and one that has gotten me in trouble plenty of times during my years training in Taekwondo.

But when I move past the breathing issue, I realize that maybe the dream isn’t so out of reach. I can teach myself how to breathe correctly and then it’s a piece of cake, right?

There’s also that little piece of info called pace. At my last 5K, I ran consistent 8:48 miles. In order to beat the girl who won overall, I would have had to run 6-minute miles.

That is impossible. Alright, again, maybe not. But it would require an incredible amount of training and time – the time being the hardest part.

The best thing about impossible dreams, is when they get close to becoming reality. For every dream you have, there are steps to take that can lead you to discover things you never thought you could do.

For example, I never thought I would run an 8-minute mile, but I’m pretty close to that right now – which would also bring my time down to 25 minutes for a 5K.

Maybe your “impossible” dreams aren’t possible – but the goals you set because of them are. Don’t be afraid to dream big.


About AlyL

A wandering spirit drawn to running, music, theater, and those that give life to others. Functioning in a life that's next to normal.
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