How to find your race pace

I’ve often wondered what my pace would be for a marathon. Could I actually run one in decent (under 6 hours) time? I poked around online for a pace calculator based on other race times.

I was also curious because so many training programs say “Run 800 meters at half marathon pace.” But, what does that mean? If you’re new to this, there isn’t really any way to know that.

calculator1I played around a bit with the race calculator on and was surprised by the results. Plugging in my most-recent race time, I could run a marathon in 4 hours 46 minutes, a far cry from the 5.5 I was thinking.

I would invite you to go play around with the calculator yourself and see what you come up with. You can also enter in a pace and see what your times would be that way. Another thing I’ve found incredibly useful is the information found in the training tab.

Knowing what threshold and interval pace I should train at has helped me in my training plans.

Have you found any helpful pacing information out on the internet? Heard something useful from a friend? Comment below and share the knowledge!



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