After injuring my foot during a 4-mile run at the beginning of May, I was forced to sit out and even spent a few days on crutches hoping that would help the aggravated tendon heal. When I finally felt like I could walk again without pain, I was terrified to run again. I remember each of those runs vividly. I feared that one wrong step could tweak my tendon and I’d be right back to the couch with it elevated and ice packs wrapped around my heel.

I started out running a quarter mile two times a week. Then I went to half a mile, then three quarters. I remember how amazing it felt to run one mile after taking more than a month off. But when I got a twinge in my foot after returning home, I got discouraged that my dreams of running a marathon might never come true. Then I found it.

The Galloway.

Basically, Jeff Galloway created this plan of run/walk intervals that enables you to run longer without getting tired. It also is supposed to help with injuries. So I printed out the half marathon beginner program and decided that I was going to give it a shot. Maybe the walk breaks would help me keep my form and therefore help me not reinjure my foot.

IMG_1015My first 30-minute run was liberating. For the first time, I didn’t think about my foot. I focused on my time, on my form. I ran 2.5 miles. I had NO pain afterward. It was absolutely amazing. I plan on using the Galloway method (my current interval is 3:1) for the half marathon next month. Using intervals has enabled me to run without pain (foot wise anyway) and my pace if actually better than if I ran straight and got very fatigued.

What I love is the freedom and the easy goals this program has given me. By breaking the runs into smaller goals, I’m able to focus on only the next interval, instead of just one piece of a very long run. I find the miles go by much faster this way, and eventually I plan on increasing the number of minutes of running to walking.

For more information on the Jeff Galloway method and the legend himself, visit his website:


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