I drink soda, and that’s OK

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the evils that reside within the can of soda (or pop if you’re back where I grew up). So I was happy to see that Mark Remy tackled the stigma in his article in this month’s Runner’s World.

But it wasn’t his confession that sometimes he enjoys a soda that made me love the article. It was the commandments found within. Original article here.

Thou shalt not consume milkshakes.

Thou shalt not request butter for thy popcorn, because, oh my God, the saturated fat!

Thou shalt wail and gnash thy teeth at hearing the word “processed,” for verily, processed foods are the devil.

Thou shalt never be entirely sure what thou mean by “processed,” but this shall not stop thee from wailing and gnashing.

Thou shalt wring thy hands at Starbucks, trying to determine which item hath the fewest calories before it is your turn to order.

Thou shalt frown at the Nutrition Facts label before purchasing or consuming any packaged food. It’d be better, of course, if thou just had a piece of fruit instead. No! Not that piece of fruit—it may be a GMO! Banish it!

Thou shalt spread this gospel on manifold online forums and comments sections so that others may see the error of their ways.


While I’m not trying to poke fun at my health-conscious friends, sometimes they can jump a bit too far on the deep end. And while I’m not in the “I run so I can eat whatever I want” camp, I do enjoy butter on my popcorn, and occasionally eat processed foods.

I just don’t believe that you should feel terrible about yourself if you’re at the grocery store after a run and that box of Twinkies calls your name. After all, training for a race is hard work. There’s a decent amount of torture involved, and sometimes you need to reward yourself. Just make sure you don’t eat like that all the time, and no harm, no foul.


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