A runner’s resolution 2016

I’m coming off of a huge year for my running journey. A first-ever half marathon, signing up for my first full – it seems pretty hard to figure out where to go in 2016. But, hey, goals are something to work toward right?

In 2016, I will run the Pittsburgh Marathon. My goal PR is anything under 5 hours and 30 minutes, but, to be totally honest, I’ll be happy if I just cross the finish line.

Going along with that, this year I’ll work harder to keep to a training plan, and fit in workouts with my work schedule, Taekwondo training, and just everyday life responsibilities.

This year I plan to run another half marathon, either the one I ran in 2015 in Manchester, or the Baystate Half, held a few weeks earlier. I’m not going to be picky about a personal best for a half this year, but I’d love to see myself get under 2 hours and 15 minutes (which would be about a 3-miute PR).

As an endurance goal, I’m hoping to return to the 10K healthy and ready to run the 6 miles with a solid, paced effort during the race. I’ve always struggled with keeping one pace throughout a race, and this year I’d like to correct that.

This year, I resolve to finally get into cross training. I’ve noticed some weird tweaks that happen during long runs, and really need to correct those muscle issues before they become something that keeps me off the pavement for an extended period of time.

Overall, I’m excited for what 2016 has in store. An though I know there will be bumps in the road and detours needing to be taken, everything will be an experience worth remembering.



About AlyL

A wandering spirit drawn to running, music, theater, and those that give life to others. Functioning in a life that's next to normal.
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2 Responses to A runner’s resolution 2016

  1. brunosalcedo says:

    Awesome, the Pittsburgh marathon is a beautiful one. Best of lucks!!

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