The great shoe quest – Part 1

This is something runners go through all the time. The great quest to find the perfect shoe. With the Marathon coming up, I knew I needed to find something with more padding than my Saucony Breakthru (which I love). And I know that Brooks just don’t feel good on my arch, and Asics have this weird feeling on my heel. So I knew which brand I would look at once again:  The Saucony.

Step 1:  Research.
I began this quest by visiting and reading as many reviews as I could get my eyes on. From that, I narrowed the search down between 3 different models:

S10290-1_1The Triumph ISO 2.

As a Runner’s World Editors Choice, you know the shoe has to be good. And while I’m not totally a fan of how the bottom looks, if the fit is good, I have to listen to the feel and not the aesthetics.


S10273-1_1Ride 8.


I’ve worn a few different models of the Ride before, and I still wear my 6’s now. But after injuring my foot while wearing the 7, I’m a little leery to go back and try these again. However, I LOVE the look of this shoe. It’s flashy enough that it really fits the new running shoe era of loud and proud, but still sleek enough that you could wear them to work.


s15262-1_1.jpegCohesion 9.


I’ll be honest that I didn’t know a lot about this shoe before it came up in my research, but the overall look of the shoe is simple, which is not often found in running shoes today.


Step 2.  Finding the right fit.

This has to be the most-important part of the entire quest, getting the shoes on your feet and giving them a shot. After searching a few different local stores, I got my hands on two out of the three shoes.

Now, it’s important to note that I do a very strange thing when I am trying to decide between a few different types of shoes. I put one of the right foot, and another on the left, that way I can feel the difference at the same time, without having to try and remember what I liked/didn’t like.

Immediately after putting the Cohesion on my foot, I knew that it would not even be a contender. But, I stayed true to the system, and put the Ride 8 on my left foot. I walked around a bit in the store, and the fit didn’t seem to bad. I rolled my foot around to see if I could feel any of the same issues I had had with the 7. I didn’t find any. So, off went the Cohension from the right foot and on went the matching Ride. I spent a good 5 minutes running through the footwear section trying to find anything wrong with the shoes. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like. But I wasn’t done yet.

I still had to try on the Triumphs before I could be confident in my purchase. After all, I was going to be spending a large amount of time in them over the next few months.

Two days later I called our local Saucony Outlet and asked if they had the Triumph in stock.

They did. 


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