The great shoe quest – Part 2

In the first part of this quest, I did some preliminary research on shoes, and narrowed all of the options down to three. Then, I set out to find the shoes and try them on my feet. At this point in the quest, I’ve tried on two of three, and quickly ruled one of them out.

Step 3:  Victory.

IMG_1412I drove to the running store following work with excitement, ready to get my hands on a pair of the Triumph ISO 2. I waltzed into the Saucony outlet and headed straight for the neutral shoes. The assistant was wonderful, grabbing me a size 6 in both the Ride 8 and the Triumph.

I happily placed the Triumph on my right foot, and immediately I realized that this shoe felt different than any other I had ever tried on. It was cushioned – noticeably cushioned. The toe box was very spacious, and the heel came lower on my foot than other shoes.

I placed the Ride 8 on my left foot, and proceeded to move my feet around in any angle possible. After a few minutes, I took a few laps around the track the store had laid out on the floor. I couldn’t get over the feeling the Triumph had of falling off my foot.

To give the shoe one more chance, I tried it on the left foot. Unfortunately, and much to my disdain, the fit did not improve. I was forced to take them off and give them back to the assistant. A little part of me was disappointed, mostly because they had the new foam technology, and I was very interested in seeing how that would play out during a longer run.

So back on when the Ride 8, and around the store I ran. They felt strong, but not too restricting. The heels were a little loose, but after breaking them in, I knew they would fit just fine.

Step 4. The Trials

IMG_1414.jpgNow the rigorous process began. The untying and retying of laces until the proper fit was achieved. I changed into the shoes at work the next day and analyzed every sensation my feet were giving me. I stood the entire morning and walked briskly every chance I got. Despite the slight aching in my heel, everything felt great.

The next day, despite soreness from a different workout, I put on my shoes and wore them around the house. I loved the feel of a new sole and the support difference of this pair compared to my older ones.

Another day later, we hit the gym. I had to run in these shoes, and the no outside running or no return policy forced me back onto the dreadmill, despite the 50 degree weather outside. I ran for 2 minutes following a 6-mile bike ride to help my aching legs. My feet felt incredible. I couldn’t feel the pounding anymore. I had forgotten how lovely new shoes felt. And, I’m ready for the Marathon.

Game On Pittsburgh!



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