Virtual Races

Virtual races have been around for a few years now, and even though I’ve always been weary of ordering a medal online and having it shipped to me, I decided that I would finally give it a go.

IMG_1435.jpgOne of my Facebook friends had received an awesome Darth Vader medal, and recommended Best Race Bling. I got on, and registered for the one that had the medal I liked the best. I picked the Freedom Run because I wanted to run in honor of all of the great people who have served our country, including both of my grandfathers.

A major plus for virtual races, many of them let you pick your distance, and regardless of the distance you choose, you still get an awesome medal. For the Freedom Run, I chose to do a half marathon, that would be part of my 17-mile training run.

Another thing that’s awesome about the virtual races (if you find the right sites) are that they donate part of the entry fee to charity. So, you don’t have to get up early and drive to a site on a specific day, you don’t have to stress out about what you need to eat the night before, and you can run on a different day if you don’t get out the door. What’s not to love?

Well, there’s something special about signing up and running in a physical race. The camaraderie, the pre-race jitters – they’re all part of what makes a race so special. But, I must admit, where most local 5Ks do not provide medals for the finishers, these virtual races do, and that’s a plus.

I’ve already signed up for my next race, through Virtual Run Events. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a medal that resembles the TARDIS. I’ve been a Whovian since college, and what’s better than a race that’s short (5-10K) and has a medal that’ll be the envy of my friends?

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