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In light of the Orlando Shooting, I felt this week’s post should be focused away from running. I’m saddened, deeply, that we have come to a point where human life is not valued. We all have experienced loss, and know how profound that feeling can be, and yet we still plunge into hatred.

I don’t know how to solve the problems of the world, and I won’t pretend that I do. But I do know that there’s a general lack of kindness and understanding – myself being guilty as well. Everyone is so quick to pass judgement on someone else without knowing anything in that person’s background.

The attacks in Paris a few months ago destroyed me emotionally. The terror those involved must have felt. The fear felt the entire world over as the body count rose. The pang of fear I experienced when I read the note of a friend from college who checked into Facebook as “safe.”  But that was Paris, and no matter how horrific those events were, they seemed so far away.

But Orlando.

Orlando, is at home.  I have friends who live there, who work there. Those people were specific targets because of who they are. I’ve searched my mind over and over again to try and understand how someone could have so much hatred for people they had never met, only because of their sexuality. As racism and sexuality rock our culture, I struggle almost daily with my humanity. And events like those in Orlando over the weekend make that worse.

And yet, in this darkness, there are still opportunities to see the light. Broadway stars are coming together for a recording that will benefit the victims of the massacre. For more information on how you can get the song, click here.

I think Lin-Manuel Miranda said it best during his speech at the Tony’s, so I’ll end this blog post with that.


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