Inspiration – Jeff Bauman

I was bummed to find out that I would miss the Runner’s World Classic in North Andover, Mass., since it’s almost in my backyard. But I was even more upset to hear that I had missed their “celebrity mile.”

Now, these celebrities weren’t the likes of Angelina Jolie or Donald Trump. These were local heroes. During the latest episode of the Runner’s World podcast, they spoke with Jeff Bauman, one of the celebrity runners. Now, you might not know who he is, if you live outside of the Greater Boston area that is.

Jeff Bauman was in one of the most-iconic images from the Boston Marathon bombing. He lost both of his legs, and was saved by a man wearing a cowboy hat. Since then, his progress has been monitored by the media, and he has written a book that I have not read yet, but plan on it in the future. Since 2013, he’s gotten married, and had a daughter.

During the Runner’s World Classic, Bauman completed the mile, along with some of the other survivors. He crossed the finish line with a pack of supporters, and in the ultimate role reversal, he pushed “the cowboy” who was recovering from surgery, across the finish line.

It’s difficult to not get emotional while watching the video of Bauman walking, knowing the horror he witnessed first-hand and the endurance it must have taken him to get to this point. He has been such an inspiration to the greater running community, and seeing him complete his first race was marvelous to watch.

In the podcast, Bauman makes a joke about his mile time. “Not bad for a guy with no legs.” Thinking of his positive comments even though his entire life has changed, and I’m sure some of his dreams as well, I can’t help but think that “if he can be this positive, so can I.”

That positive attitude is something everyone must learn from. For when those who have suffered greatly, or suffer currently are positive, they exude strength to the world around them. You just have to find that positive energy and keep moving forward.

To read more about the Classic, and see the touching video and interview with Jeff Bauman and others at the event, click here.


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3 Responses to Inspiration – Jeff Bauman

  1. duffrunning says:

    Saw a poster of a little kid with two prosthetics running on a track yesterday with the line ‘your excuse is invalid’. Jeff sounds very inspiring.

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