Race Recap – Cigna 5k 2016

I’m a little late with this recap, but a few things (like a much-needed vacation) happened right after the race.

The Cigna 5k took place August 11, at 6:40 in the evening. Now, in New England, the weather was 93 degrees at gun time, with about 70% humidity. That’s about what it was like for the Runners in Rio during the Olympics.

I don’t know how they did it.

Before the gun even went off, I was already sweating and felt like I wanted to quit – not the best start to a race. But it was only three miles, and I carried water/Gatorade with me to stay hydrated. I knew I could make it.

Every year when I run this race, I’m always thankful for the residents along the route who bring out their hoses and sprinklers to douse the runners as they go by. This year, the local fire department participated as well with three trucks along the course to help the runners cool down.

138725-089-002hThe best sight I’ve ever seen came when I approached the finish line. The entire course is flat or downhill, except for the last quarter mile. When I crested the small hill I could see a fire truck, and spewing from the top was water from a fire hose. I don’t know how many people have ever gotten to play in a fire hose sprinkler, but it’s amazing. In that moment, I would probably equate it to seeing the pearly gates. Just look at the guy’s face behind me in the finish line picture below.

Overall the race was challenging, and I completed my goal of not dying. Surprisingly, my time was right on par with a normal race at 33:03. It was a PR, but it was the hottest and most-humid race I’ve ever had the torture of running.



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