Moving is a Marathon, not a sprint

I’m happy to say that after almost a month, my husband and I have been able to locate almost all of the floors of our house. We’ve already experienced just a few of the wonderful home ownership joys, like a broken water pipe under the sink, and breaking the clothes-hanging pole in the bedroom closet. But overall, we’re surviving. Throughout the packing/moving/unpacking process, I’ve noticed a few similarities to my Marathon journey.

It’s all about the preparation

When you move from one place to another, there’s an amount of packing that needs to be done in order to get your stuff transported. The more you can prepare (pack ahead) the easier the actual day of the move will be.

funny-dog-pictures-agreed-to-movingRest up the night before

You’ll likely be very excited about what will happen the next morning, but it’s important to focus on getting rest. Trying to run a race tired and trying to pack a UHaul tired are almost the same thing. Only, one requires some thought.


Pace Yourself

When the moving truck arrives you’ll want to get all of the boxes in as fast as you can. But, that’s really not a good idea, mostly because you will also have to unpack all of those boxes, and that’s more exhausting than putting them in.

Fuel Matters

If you keep going as fast as you can, and focus only on the task, by the time you realize you need food or water, it’ll be too late. Make sure you have some water and a power bar around – you’ll need them.


When you’ve gone through the official first day of moving, your recovery begins. You have to take it slow at first, mostly because there are just too many boxes to navigate around. But once you get through those first few days of recovery, you’ll start getting back that normal routine of life. And maybe be able to walk through your house without cardboard cuts on your legs.


It’s funny how running a Marathon really taught me a lot about how to handle certain situations in life. Like feeling overwhelmed by all of the boxes surrounding me. Just like the Marathon, where I spent months in preparation with a mythical race date in sight, I unpack box after box and wait for that day when suddenly the boxes will be unpacked and house back in order.


Just a note on the blog, I’ll be moving to a bi-weekly format as we still work to clear out our new house and work on projects. See you in two weeks!


About AlyL

A wandering spirit drawn to running, music, theater, and those that give life to others. Functioning in a life that's next to normal.
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