Staying Entertained

Buzzfeed is good for a lot of things, and when I see an article related to running, I have to read it.

Their latest article is about real-life runners, and how they keep themselves entertained during runs. That got me thinking about how I entertain myself while on long runs.


I’ve had the usual conversation with myself about the weather, cars passing by, cute dogs chained in the yard. Sometimes I pretend I’m Rocky running down the streets of Philadelphia, or a Kung Fu fighter preparing for battle.

Then there are more serious moments, like when I see a van parked along my route, and I plan what I’ll do if people jump out of the van and try to kidnap me. Totally stupid, but, it’s actually a little fun to think about a fight sequence in Sherlock Holmes style.

Recently, I’ve gotten big into the Podcast world. I mainly listen to True Crime or Murder Mystery content, but there are some random feeds that are good as well. Nothing is better than going on a run and listening to a Podcast about a serial killer in New Orleans who was never caught.

BUT back to the BuzzFeed article.

My favorite responses runner’s gave were the following:

#5. I’ll plan out a route that spells something on my map when I’m done.

I would really love to do this sometime. But, how difficult it must be to find a route that would actually spell out a word. If anyone can do that, screenshot it and send it to me. Then tell me what the route was, so I can run it too.

#7. On long runs, I’ll call everyone in my family and say “I really can’t talk, so please tell me every single detail about your day.”

Not only is this brilliant, assuming you love your family and want to hear their voice for hours at a time, but it’s a great way to stay connected with said family. I might try to employ this at some point, just to stay connected with close friends and family in my life. Plus, they say you should always be able to have a conversation while you run, so what a concept!

#13. I’ll change up my running route. I get to discover things at a slow (but not too slow) pace, and it keeps me from getting bored.

I often find that this is the best option when I don’t want to go out for a run. It’s even better when you’re learning a new area and have reliable GPS on your phone that can save you if you wander too far out.

To see the rest of the responses, read the full BuzzFeed article here.


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