Right in the heartstrings

With Veteran’s Day being just about a week ago and Thanksgiving this week, I felt this was a good time for a military-themed post. I’ve heard story after story about running and how it has impacted the lives of people around the globe, but sometimes there are stories that hit me right in the heartstrings.

I first heard this story on the Runner’s World Podcast (which is amazing), and the interview with Lisa Halley, founder of Wear Blue:  Run to Remember, brought me to tears at multiple points during the episode.

Wear Blue is all about remembering America’s service members, which I know we do not do enough here in America. But Wear Blue, and the “Blue Mile,” which can be seen at races like the Marine Corps Marathon, work to change that. I had no idea the incredible work Lisa and others do to help make the sacrifices more remembered by putting up pictures of soldiers and displaying flags at races.

But that’s not what got me and made me blubbering mess in the car.

What got me was the heaviness of what Lisa had set out to do. Grief is so often an unspoken endeavor. People are almost expected to grieve out of sight and unheard from. But that isn’t an effective way to grieve, or an effective way to remember those lost. I love that this movement wasn’t just about her husband, it was about all of the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

This upcoming Memorial Day, I will join Wear Blue runners and commit 5 miles to a member of the military who lost their life protecting our freedoms. If you’re a runner, and you can spare time to run even 1 mile on Memorial Day, I want to invite you to Commit Your Miles.

The event isn’t active yet for 2017, but save the link and mark your calendars. Because when you step off your front step on Memorial Day to run your miles for a fallen soldier, you do much more than run. You give meaning to what they sacrificed, and you show their families that the sacrifice they have to endure day after day is noticed, and appreciated.

So Wear Blue, and RUN TO REMEMBER


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