The running begins

Today is the day! I’m off to great places, I’m off and away!

OK, all Dr. Seuss references aside – I’m getting out on the road today!

I’m excited to start hitting the pavement again with my brand-spanking, new running shoes. After spending the entire month getting stronger I thought it was time to get out there and start training again. My first race is in just 89 days.  (yes I’m already counting)

img_2949I don’t have a lot of expectations for the race at this point, mostly because I don’t know how my training is going to go. Would I love to PR as I return to this course after a year off – absolutely. Do I think that’s a possibility – yes.

The rolling hills of Groton provide the perfect landscape for me to return to racing to try and “beat” myself in a race. The area around my house should be perfect for this with the country landscape and back roads. With the race being at the end of April, I have plenty of time to get myself back into running form.

By the end of February, I’m planning to be back to running at least 3-4 miles on the weekends and running twice a week at lunch. I’m planning to keep with my interval training as I had last year for the races, but I’m going to try and bump up the ratio to 4:1 (four-minute run, one-minute walk). This should get me to a good pace to be able to run the entire 10k through without walk breaks.

If I don’t hit my Personal Best, I’m hoping to at least set a PR for the course, which would mean running under an hour. The last time I ran Groton in 2015, I shaved more than 3 minutes off my first time, so shaving off 37 seconds shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

Time to go hit the pavement!


About AlyL

A wandering spirit drawn to running, music, theater, and those that give life to others. Functioning in a life that's next to normal.
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