An open letter to Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen,

Today is going to be a good day and here’s why.

You changed my life.

Though it is nearly impossible to put into words what your show has done for my life, I’m going to try anyway. I lost someone very special to me unexpectedly almost a year ago. The effect that loss had on me is unexplainable. I existed for months as a shell of myself – living inside my own head and the anxieties that ran rampant within.

I fought the demons for months. Hiding away the deepest anguish I felt from everybody – looking forward to my moments alone where I could let the demons out and try to put out of the fires. I was fighting a losing battle every single day and when I thought I had beaten one, more popped up in their place.

And then I heard Waving Through A Window.

I had never experienced a song that described how I felt to a point that each and every lyric related to me. I was hooked. I played the song on repeat at work, in the car, in the shower – literally everywhere I went.

It helped me prepare to fight the demons. And I let the demons out. I fought them. I FINALLY allowed myself to feel what I needed to feel.

But little did I know, Dear Evan Hansen wasn’t done changing my life. When they released You Will Be Found ahead of the Cast Recording release, I found myself sobbing at my desk.

“Have you ever felt like nobody was there? Have you ever felt forgotten in the middle of nowhere? Have you ever felt like you could disappear?
Like you could fall and no one would hear?”

The message of the song is so overwhelming for anybody who feels like they may have either lost themselves, or been losing themselves over a period of time – like I had been. It’s now my go-to song before any big meeting or life event where I need to remember that no matter how nervous or lost I feel in the moment, I can keep going – there is a reason to believe I’ll be OK.

So, thank you. THANK YOU! To every single member of the creative team and cast of this beautiful life-changing piece of theater. I can’t wait for May 12 when I get to see the music that changed my life performed in NYC.

You saved me while I was falling in a forest of my own thoughts. If it wasn’t for you, Dear Evan Hansen, I would still be falling today.



About AlyL

A wandering spirit drawn to running, music, theater, and those that give life to others. Functioning in a life that's next to normal.
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