It’s marathon season

As summer approaches, and many of us hit the pavement to train for a longer-distance race, I figured it was a good time to circle this beautiful comic back around.

I have a deep love for the Oatmeal, and I would love to run and be chased by an actual Blerch so badly I almost bought my husband a costume to wear. Maybe if I went through with it, I would get my ass back out on the road and start running again. Seriously though, I’m going to get back out there. I’m at least walking more, so that’s something.

But back to the comic:  The Dos and Do Nots of Running Your First Marathon

I am definitely that person who will run through the aid station, spilling half of the water from the cup, and choking down whatever is left so I don’t lose those precious few seconds….those seconds that could be easily made up with a little burst of effort.


I have waterboarded myself more times than I can count at races……it’s a compulsive problem.

I never thought I’d be one of those  runners that would be so inspired by a stranger’s words that I would actually cry, but at Mile 18 of the Pittsburgh Marathon I was so done with everything – I could barely keep myself moving.

A water attendant told me I looked strong, and told me I could do it. And I honestly don’t know if I would have been able to make it through had she not been there in that moment and said those things to me.


I will say this, there is absolutely nothing worse than going past a relay swap late in the marathon. I hated each one of those runners with a burning passion and if I had eyes like Superman, I would have burst them into flames.

If you want to feel like shit about yourself – struggle for miles and miles only to have some fresh-legged relay runner blow past you as you struggle to drag your feet along.

It’s not cool.

Not. Cool. At. All.


All in all though, running a Marathon isn’t that bad. I very much enjoyed my time running through Pittsburgh, and crossing the finish line is something I will never forget.

I’m gearing up now to start looking at my next one – New York City 2019. I spent the last weekend there, and being in Central Park reminded me why I wanted to run NYC so much to begin with.

Something about that city calls to me. It could be the massive musical presence, or the architecture, or the busy, bustling streets. I’m not sure. I do know that before I ran Pittsburgh, I said there was one other marathon I would want to run, and that was New York City.

I’m hoping to get there. It’s going to take a massive fundraising effort and some interesting planning, but I’m sure the journey will pay off and it will all be worth it in the end. Plus, I’ve done a spring marathon, it’s only right to do a fall one.



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2 Responses to It’s marathon season

  1. This was such a fun read, loved all the comics, they were hilarious. Running NYC for the first time in November, I’ll let you know how it is :). Congrats on Pittsburgh and good luck!

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