I’m a simple person. Loving, caring, crazy, Doctor Who obsessed. And obviously, I am a bit of a running nerd.

My running journey started a few years ago, when I decided I wanted to be one of those people who ran down sidewalks or on the side of residential streets looking exhausted and in pain. What I found, however, was a totally different side of myself. One that learned to set new goals, and work towards things I said I would never do.

This blog allows me to share something that has brought me so many different highs and lows. It allows me to share the many things I’ve learned through my return to running, and the goals I continue to set, including running my first Marathon in May.

Running One Step at a Time is a memoir to myself about running, so as life changes and tries to pull me away, I can look back and remember the journey and lessons learned along the way. If I can inspire any people who are trying to be runners, much as I still am, that would be an incredible bonus.

For the Marathon effort this May, I’m running for the Find Your Light Foundation, which helps bring access to the arts to students everywhere. As music and arts programs are cut first when school budgets get tight, many students are cut off from the powerful influence arts programs can have on them.

If you’ve enjoyed any of the posts on my blog, please consider donating just $10 to my cause: 

For more information on my musical life, please visit my YouTube Channel:  Marathon For Music



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